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Life Style Disorders

What Are Lifestyle Disorders?

The lifestyle that most of you lead might be really ‘cool’ and help you fill up your bank balance well, but this lifestyle in itself is a disorder. Unhealthy dietary habits, irregular sleep cycles and overdependence on technology has resulted in lifestyle diseases seeing an upward spike.

How Do You Define ‘Lifestyle Disorders’?

Problems like hypertension, overweight issues or obesity-related issues which give rise to multiple cardiovascular problems and many others are all associated with the term ‘Lifestyle Disorders’. Those two words go on to explain quite a bit about the problems and are directly associated with how a person’s lifestyle pans out. Today is a different time of life; the lifestyles have changed, which in India is called ‘Westernisation’ while in the west they blame it on technology and other things like purchasing power and easy availability and access to an unhealthy way of life.